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Houston Climbs 没有. 9 in New Ranking of Best Cities in America

Published Jun 07, 2023 by Brina Morales

Houston Skyline cropped

Houston has once again climbed the rankings of this year's list of America's Best Cities 没有. 从No到9. 去年11, drawing praise for its culture, 多样性, restaurant scene and number of Fortune 500 headquarters.

The annual 报告 by Resonance Consultancy, an international consulting firm, describes Houston as "America's stealthy powerhouse on the rise," pointing to the city's strong domestic and international migration, international festivals, and ethnically diverse population and food scene. According to the Partnership's latest 全球休斯顿 报告, international migration surged in 2022, accounting for the largest share of the region's population growth.

Houston has steadily climbed the America's Best Cities rankings over recent years. In 2022, it ranked 11th compared to 17th in 2021. 最新的报告还强调了休斯敦如何通过投资未来的航空航天来恢复其作为太空城的地位. One of those key investments and economic development projects is the Houston Spaceport, one of only 10 FAA-licensed commercial spaceports in the U.S., and the only one in an urban location, just outside of downtown. According to the 报告, tenants at the spaceport have been awarded nearly $4 billion in new contracts. 该太空港的三家主要租户是柯林斯航空航天公司、公理空间公司和直觉机器公司. 

该报告还称赞了休斯顿的生活成本调整后收入,并在财富500强企业中排名第四. Fortune recently released its 2023 Fortune 500 list, ranking Texas as the leading state with the most Fortune 500 headquarters. The greater Houston metro area has the second-largest hub of Fortune 500 headquarters with a total of 25.

《世界杯押注平台》还介绍了Hamsa、Casa Nomad和Urbe等在疫情后开业的餐厅. 2022年,大休斯顿地区获得了10项詹姆斯比尔德奖的半决赛提名. Recently, Houston Chef Benchawan Jabthong Painter and owner of Street to Kitchen won Best Chef in the Texas category in this year's James Beard Awards.

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Economic Development

TMC3 Collaborative Building Ushers New Era for Houston's 生命科学 Ecosystem

从一个停车场到一个开创性的中心,准备彻底改变休斯顿的生命科学生态系统, 德克萨斯医疗中心在Helix公园举办了TMC3合作大楼的盛大开幕仪式,庆祝这一具有里程碑意义的事件. The Texas Medical Center convened state, city and industry leaders to showcase the first phase of the 37-acre campus. 250年,000平方英尺的TMC3合作大楼将容纳四个创始机构的研究计划:德克萨斯大学MD安德森癌症中心, 德克萨斯州的一个&M University Health Science Center, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and TMC.  协作空间位于Helix公园的中心,旨在成为一个新的创新中心, bringing together academic institutions, industry partners and researchers. It also includes access to wet laboratories and office/co-working space.  “TMC3合作大楼的开放代表了大休斯顿地区生命科学和生物技术生态系统发展的又一个关键时刻,” Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey said. “该建筑只是TMC Helix Park成为休斯顿生命科学产业催化剂愿景的第一阶段, bridging groundbreaking research and companies to bring life-saving therapies to market.” The campus will also include additional research and industry buildings, 一个酒店, a residential tower and 零售. Six public green spaces are complete and open to the public.   During Thursday’s ceremony, 市长西尔维斯特·特纳表示,该园区将成为该地区和该州的“经济引擎”,因为它吸引了来自世界各地的顶尖人才和公司. 特纳还强调了一个新的税收增量再投资区(TIRZ)将如何为TMC和赫尔曼公园地区的基础设施项目带来现金.  Portal 创新s, a Chicago-based life sciences venture capital firm, 今年早些时候,它宣布将在合作大楼开设办公室,以培育和投资早期的生物技术和医疗技术初创公司. TMC总裁兼首席执行官Bill McKeon表示,为这类公司提供住房将确保创新和技术留在休斯顿. 建成后,Helix Park预计将增加26,000多个就业岗位,并产生5美元的额外收入.4 billion in economic activity each year, according to Governor Greg Abbott. Learn more about Houston's thriving life sciences and biotech industry.  
Economic Development

New Developments, 基础设施 Projects Boosting 本德堡县’s Growth

本德堡县, one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, has become a hotspot for people to live, work and build their businesses, thanks in part to rising new developments and transportation projects.  Spanning nearly 900 square miles, Fort Bend leads the region in affordability, 生活质量, level of educational attainment and population 多样性, with 29 percent of their population being foreign born, the highest percentage in metro Houston, according to the Partnership's Houston Facts publication. Since 2000, 本德堡县’s population has tripled and is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2050, according to Woods & Poole.  随着新的开发项目和基础设施项目的开展,本德堡将迎来更多的增长,这些项目将推动商业和互联互通.基础设施   Only 30 miles southwest of Houston, 本德堡县 encompasses six thriving cities including Fulshear, 密苏里州的城市, 里士满, 罗森博格, Stafford and Sugar Land. 首页 to various transportation networks like I-69, Westpark Tollway and Fort Bend Toll Road, residents have convenient access to all the Bayou City’s top attractions and other cities.  To accommodate growth, several infrastructure projects are underway.   2016年提议, 36A高速公路项目旨在通过在现有的36号高速公路上增加65英里来创建一个主要的交通走廊. An environmental study will be initiated for the proposed project later this year, after being delayed due to the contract needing updates. If the project comes to fruition, Highway 36A would run through Brazoria, Fort Bend and Waller Counties, relieving congestion, improving freight movement and providing more hurricane evacuation routes.  另外, the Westpark Tollway, which leads into FM 1093 that serves Fort Bend and Harris Counties, is currently under construction. The project will extend the Westpark Tollway from FM 723 to the Texas Heritage Parkway.   In March, 本德堡县 announced $70 million in funding for 30 mobility projects. 新的资金将增加该县在格兰德公园大道北段临街道路建设上的投资——从韦斯特海默公园大道到Cinco Ranch大道. 这笔资金还将支持沿高地丘陵大道向北和FM 1093向南在格兰德公园大道两侧分段的正面道路建设.  Business Community 首页 to a diverse and growing commercial sector consisting of Fortune 500 companies, 大型雇主, international businesses and innovative startups, 本德堡因其优秀的劳动力市场和靠近休斯顿而成为企业的理想地点. Over the last decade, Fort Bend’s business community has skyrocketed from 8,600 businesses to nearly 15,000, according to the 本德堡县 Economic Development Council. In 2021, Frito-Lay, the $18 billion convenient foods division of PepsiCo, Inc. expanded its facility in 罗森博格. The $200 million investment will add two manufacturing lines for Funyuns and tortilla chips, 以及增加其仓库的容量,以提高能力和实现未来的增长. The project is expected to be completed this year and will provide 160 new, full-time jobs.   “We’ve called 罗森博格 home for nearly 40 years. Throughout that time, 本德堡县的支持帮助世界杯押注在正确的领域进行投资,使世界杯押注能够继续发展并为社区提供就业机会,” said Laura Maxwell, senior vice president of supply chain, PepsiCo Foods North America.  其他主要雇主包括亚马逊、联邦快递、UPS、SLB、Champion X、Dollar Tree和德州仪器. 另外, Fort Bend houses seven business parks that offer development-ready and redevelopment spaces.  生活品质   Recently crowned the second-best county to live in Texas, 本德堡县 is famously known for its exceptional 生活质量. 从在星座球场看棒球比赛,到在Seabourne Creek自然公园散步,再到在斯塔福德中心或智能金融中心听音乐会, there is no shortage of activities.   Sugar Land Town Square, a 1.400万平方英尺的综合开发项目,提供多种餐饮和购物选择. This premier destination is strategically placed at the at the intersection of U.S. 59 and Highway 6 and features a 300-room full-service hotel and conference center, an 82,000 square-foot City Hall, 167 mid-rise residential condos, 566,000 square feet of Class A office space and 223,000 square feet of 零售 and restaurants. Anchored by a central plaza and green space, the Sugar Land Town Square provides the ultimate gathering space for concerts, festivals and other community events.    该县最大的吸引力之一是其屡获殊荣的教育体系,以及进入大休斯顿地区排名靠前的学院和大学的机会. Boasting six school districts and four institutions of higher learning, including the University of Houston – Sugar Land, Fort Bend continues to lead the region in educational attainment, with 48 percent of adults having a bachelor's degree or higher, the highest percentage than any other county in Greater Houston, according to the Partnership's Houston Facts publication.  As more people move into Fort Bend, new developments are underway.  单击展开 奥斯汀点, a first-of-its-kind 4,700-acre master-planned town, is set to revolutionize Houston living. Strategically placed at the future intersection of the Grand Parkway and the Fort Bend Parkway, 奥斯汀点 will feature 1,600 acres of mixed-use commercial development, including 14 million square feet of apartments, 零售, office and medical space.   另外, 新的开发项目将包括一个可步行的市中心区域,以及一个以医院为特色的“创新区”, technology and life sciences labs and corporate headquarters.   When fully completed, the development will consist of 14,000个家庭, with an estimated population of 50,000, more than 罗森博格, which has about 40,000居民.  The first phase of the development, which recently broke ground, will include the main amenity, 1824年, a central park and community center with a café, 酒吧, 大前廊, 活动草坪, children's play area, 啤酒花园, 美食车广场, walking trails and a dedicated space for outdoor fitness activities and games.   “[奥斯汀点] reaches families of all life stages, 从带着两个孩子的单身妈妈到想要搬到郊区组建家庭的年轻夫妇, the mature families with kids, moved-down grandparents that are chasing their grand-babies out to the suburbs,” said Mike Miller, senior vice president of Signorelli’s land division, developer of 奥斯汀点. “它确实迎合了这个多样化的县,并允许住房满足所有这些需求.”  单击展开 Other new developments include The Grid, a 192-acre mixed-use center. Located at the gateway of Houston’s innovation corridor on I-59 in Stafford, The Grid provides more than 350,000 square feet of office space, 酒店, 弹出式商店, 美食大厅, rooftop dining and 2,400 urban residences. 网格为音乐会、节日和户外电影放映提供了充满活力的公共绿色空间. The first two phases of the project have been completed.  "本德堡县 is ripe for a large-scale, 真实的, high-end mixed-use center, which is exactly why we chose this site for The Grid,” said Brian Murphy, managing principal of Edge Realty. “With excellent access to other parts of Greater Houston, one of the fastest growing populations, the highest median household income in the region, and a pro-business culture, Fort Bend was the obvious choice for us."  了解更多关于本德堡县的信息,以及它如何继续促进休斯顿地区大休斯顿世界杯押注的未来. 31.  


Economic Development

State of 教育

休斯顿拥有强大的大学体系和大量的年轻人才,塑造了该地区未来的劳动力. 赖斯大学校长雷吉·德罗什将在今年的《世界杯押注》中发表演讲,他将……

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