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Need a Financial Breakthrough? Access the strength of Prayer!
Once they require a financial breakthrough, almost everyone has no trouble asking God for help. As Christians, our company is taught to "make our requests known" through prayer. We realize that there exists power in prayer. We understand that you can find power in prayer. And if you have an urgent financial need, you don‘t have the time to wait. You require most of the power you may get and you need it fast! Right?

Unfortunately, too often, we neglect to notice that power work in a timely manner-if at all. But just how can that be? Scripture assures us that God hears our prayers and it is faithful to respond, right? So what‘s the issue? Why don‘t we have what we‘re asking God for-after we want it?

To attain your financial breakthrough you will need to effectively using the potency of prayer!! That‘s why! You see, the power of prayer is not found solely during time in your knees. This is just the start-it‘s like flipping the switch that sets some events in motion. It‘s the completion of those events which makes the final results you want. So allow me to share four combination of events that ignite the strength of prayer and expedite your financial breakthrough.

#1: The Term Because The Foundation For The Financial Breakthrough.

On your prayer for money to steer to quick results you need to know what things to pray. God doesn‘t honor just any old request. This means you need to find the term on your particular situation. So, one thing to do is answer the question, "God, precisely what does your word say regarding how my situation should certainly be? To help you out, below are a few examples.

If you require money for your basic need like buying food and make payment on rent or mortgage, utilities, or even for an urgent surgical procedure:

Why be like the pagans who happen to be so deeply concerned about these things? Your heavenly Father already knows your entire needs, and that he provides you with all you need every day if your home is for him to make the Kingdom of God your main concern. (Matthew 6:32-33 NLT)

For the money to shell out creditors to stop losing your vehicle, house, or business:

The Lord says, "I am going to rescue those who love me. I am going to protect people that trust in my name. (Psalm 91:14 NLT)

Or overcome poverty or lack and have on the road to prosperity:

Study this Book with the Law continually. Meditate on it night and day so you may be sure to obey all that is developed in it. Only then will you succeed. I command you-be strong and courageous! Do not hesitate or discouraged. For the Lord your God is using you anywhere you go. (Joshua 1:8-9 NLT)

Okay, thus you‘re armed by incorporating scriptures, so what now? How do you make use of this to help you me get a few things i need?

#2: A Solid Belief That God Can Provide Your Financial Breakthrough.

In most cases we think the message applies for somebody else although not for ourselves. You have to convince yourself that His word is true not merely on your family member, friend or neighbor but that it‘s true for yourself! The two main things to do to convince your brain how the word works!

Top, you have to constantly confess the phrase. Speak these scriptures time and again and over and over. Each time you now have a thought in contrast to His word, counter that thought by speaking the message out loud. Don‘t hesitate if others hear you.

Second, visualize that word being true. You need to realize that financial breakthrough happening inside your life. Because you confess the word, picture it coming true. Engross yourself in the image as though you‘re already there. Feel every emotion that you‘ll experience if your breakthrough arrives. Heck! In your mind, go on and start planning the party!!!

Okay, got the term, and I‘m convinced that it‘s going to happen in my opinion-not just somebody else but me! Now what?

#3: Actions That Support The Belief On Your Financial Breakthrough!

Notice from the scriptures above God says, I will accomplish this if you do that. The biggest mistake that limits the effectiveness of prayer and delays your financial breakthrough is deficiency of proper action right after the prayer. We know that without faith it truly is impossible to impress God. And, everyone knows that faith is believing His word. What we forget or usually discount is always that there is work involved with having faith-without works faith is dead. Thus it‘s enough time to act like the message is true. How does one do this? If God say‘s that they has provided to suit your needs then get busy finding out where he‘s keeping that provision.

But, Arica, you say, have you considered waiting around the Lord? What about it? When your home is on fire do you sit within the living room waiting for God to get the fire out? Absolutely not! Then why sit around waiting on the miracle as soon as your lighting is going to get stop or you‘re going to lose your own home? Just because I‘m busy doing a few things i can doesn‘t mean that I‘m not waiting on God. I‘ll be right where I‘m should be as he must get my miracle to me. For now, I‘m likely to do what he says in Matthew 7:7.


Should you need money for basic needs or perhaps to avoid losing your car or truck or house ask yourself, "What programs, services, etc. are available to people in cases like this?" If you require a job ask, "What must I truly do get a job?"


Try to find people who can bring you to or provide your financial breakthrough by asking, "What individuals, companies, or government agencies provides me with or portion of things i need?" "Where could they be located?" "Just how do i make contact with them?"


Knock around the doors of these that can possibly assist you and ask for your financial breakthrough. Figure out, "Can you assist me?" "Do I qualify?" Otherwise, "Have you any idea someone who can?" Don‘t await God to magically drop the answer to your prayer with your lap. Get away from home and learn where he‘s keeping your financial breakthrough!
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